Registration fees

  • Applicants fill in and send the electronic registration published on the web site of the competition.
  • Together with the sending of the registration, it is necessary to pay fees for participation (only for competitors).For identification of the payment, it is necessary to state the name and the surname of the competitor.
  • If the organizer of the competition provides the competitor with the accompanist, the fee is paid together with the participation fee and sheets of music are necessary to be sent to the address of the organizer till 18th March 2024.

Participation fees:

Category IA, IB, IC: 20€

Category IIA, IIB: 40€

Category IIIA, IIIB Song: 50€

Category IIIA, IIIB Opera: 70€

Category IVA, IVB Opera: 40€


Fees for the accompanist

Category IA, IB, IC: 15€

Other categories:     50€